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The Arts

At Champion Bay Senior High School, the Arts Learning Area includes Visual Arts, Dance, Music, Media and Drama.  Students studying the Arts will develop their knowledge and skills to plan, produce, design and perform; both independently and collaboratively.

In Years 7 and 8, students rotate through each of these subject areas so that they develop a strong foundation for continued learning and skill development.  Links between the different Arts subject areas become clear to students as they experience and complete each course. They apply previous learning in new ways.

In Years 9 and 10, students may choose to specialise in one or more Art subjects in preparation to continue onto senior school Arts pathways.

In the Visual Arts General course offered in Years 11 and 12, students engage in traditional, modern and contemporary media and techniques within the broad areas of art forms. The course promotes innovative practice. Students are encouraged to explore and represent their ideas. They gain an awareness of the role that artists and designers play in reflecting, challenging and shaping societal values. Students are encouraged to appreciate the work of other artists and engage in their own art practice.

For more information about these subjects and an Arts pathway, please get in touch with the Head of Learning Area, Mrs Deb Kempton.