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Champion Bay Senior High School students wear uniform and adhere to a dress code. Student uniforms have many benefits, they create cohesion and recognition within the student community. They reduce the distraction for teenagers worrying about what to wear and the durable nature of our uniform is pretty economical too.

Families who, for religious or health reasons, wish to modify the College dress code are requested to discuss their needs with staff when enrolling.  Teaching and support staff will be informed of any student granted a modification to the dress code. Families experiencing financial difficulties purchasing school wear should contact the relevant Team Leader or Year Coordinator to discuss the situation.

New embroidered shirts and jumpers can be purchased from uniform shops in Geraldton. Second hand uniforms may be available at local op shops or purchased, subject to availability, from the P&C Association. Please contact the front office for contact details.

Click on the link below for the 2023 uniform price list.

CBSHS Uniform Price List 2023

What to wear to school
  • Appropriate Middle or Senior polo shirt with School crest
  • School navy long pants or shorts in two styles with CBSHS embroidered on leg
  • CBSHS winter jacket or jumper
  • CBSHS Bucket Hat – recommended when outdoors
  • Religious dress (in school colours)
  • Enclosed shoes as appropriate for learning areas, sport shoes, joggers, sneakers
Physical education clothing
  • Navy Taslon, and plain navy shorts
  • Appropriate sporting t-shirts and shoes
  • Respectable casual clothes – where advised
What not to wear to school
  • Denim shorts, jeans, skirts or jackets
  • Leggings, tights or active wear
  • Excessive make-up or jewellery
  • Hats inside and hoods on school grounds
  • Hats displaying inappropriate or offensive motifs or text
  • Clothing tied around the person
  • Articles of clothing which are too short or too tight
  • Articles of clothing which identify students with particular groups for example sporting teams
  • Beanies and bandanas
  • Thongs or backless sneakers
  • Visible coloured undergarments for example t-shirts, bathers, boxer-shorts and bras
Monitoring School Dress Code

Form Teachers will check student dress code on a daily basis. Any students wearing inappropriate dress will be asked to provide an explanation. Students out of dress code may be required to remain in the Team Area during recess and lunch.

Very inappropriate clothing will result in student withdrawal from class and playground until appropriate clothing is supplied.