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1:1 Digital Devices

The integration of information technology equipment into the classroom is a focus at Champion Bay Senior High School. The school has had a notebook and then tablet program since 2003, when a range of initiatives were announced to improve the quality of educational facilities at then John Willcock College.

The project aims to implement the latest in educational strategies, using a range of technologies. Currently, each student in the school is provided with an iPad or Macbook AIr, which is used in class to access curriculum and research materials.

The devices link to a wireless network providing access to the internet and curriculum materials, as well as enabling communication between students, backup of data files and printing. The school hosts servers to meet internal storage and educational needs in conjunction with the Education Department’s centrally-based system.

Our onsite ICT technicians develop and manage the computer system at Champion Bay Senior High School  to optimise the opportunities provided by the Education Department network. This provides valuable on site management with excellent flexibility to support our staff and students as we grow our Digital Citizenship awareness in our educational context.

Students receive on-going training in the operation of the devices to gradually increase their skills in the use of technology and to achieve positive learning outcomes. They also receive sessions on Cyber safety, Digital Citizenship, and appropriate uses of the range of technologies in everyday use.

The iPads are obviously very valuable and, as such, certain procedures must be followed to ensure the devices remain in good condition and operate effectively. All students are made aware of these through the iPad training sessions and reminders each week. Details of these policies can be found in the Enrolment Package and the Network Agreement form. The information contained in these documents includes the wide-ranging uses of technology at Champion Bay Senior High School, not just the iPads.

Provided these rules and procedures are followed, then the Department’s insurance will usually honour claims for accidental damage or loss.

The project provides a wealth of rich educational resources and tools that, when used effectively, can deliver very positive teaching and learning opportunities and resulting outcomes. If the processes covered at training are not followed, there are a variety of pitfalls that students may encounter.

The Department of Education (The Department) endeavours to support students in the appropriate and safe use of technology. By alerting parents and students to potential dangers, developing guidelines and providing advice and support, the exposure of students to potential problems can be minimised.

Please contact Mr Neil Wyatt, Associate Principal, if you have any questions regarding the school’s ICT system.