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Who are we?
Student Services Managers Nurse
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Morning and afternoon absentee sheets are processed at the Student Services reception.

At Champion Bay Senior High School, student attendance is a high priority. We know that students who attend regularly are more likely to be successful and safe at school.

The school expects parents/caregivers to contact the school by 9.00am if they know their child is to be absent.

To improve our attendance procedures, we inform parents/caregivers about any unexplained absences for their child.

Message U – How it Works

An SMS text message will be automatically sent to the mobile phones of parents explaining that our records show that their child is absent from school.

The message will read as follows: JWC 8M3 records show Johnny Smith is absent today 12/05/11. Please provide reason by reply SMS or ph 9965 8339.

A similar message will be sent for unexplained lateness. The message will arrive on the phone displaying the number “0407 381 061”. Parents should store this number in their mobile phone under “Champion Bay Senior High School” so that when the message arrives, they are aware the message has come from the school.

Parents can then reply by

  • using the SMS 0407 381 061
  • phoning the Student Services Reception 9965 8339
  • sending a note with their child on their return to school.

When replying via SMS, parents should always include the student name in the message and Form Room Number e.g 8M3

If a child is absent and a reason has already been provided to the school, then parents will not receive an SMS.

Updating parent mobile phone number data

As part of the process of implementing this system, the college is seeking parental assistance in updating mobile phone numbers and advising us of any changes to these numbers that may occur throughout the year. Please be aware that any changes to contact numbers must be in the form of a note or phone call from the parent/guardian.