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Students donate break times to sick kids

Students at Champion Bay Senior High School are using their recess and lunch break times to help young people sick in hospital take a break of their own.

Year Seven to Nine student leaders have set up a car wash enterprise to raise money for the Lions Cancer Institute.

Each morning, CBSHS staff can park in one of three designated car wash bays at the newly renovated Secondary school, then during break times, a team of student leaders wash and polish the cars for a fee.

All money raised will be used for a special Lions Easter film excursion for children suffering from cancer, who are terminally ill or have special needs. The event will involve a pre-released film and will take place on April 20.

Students Services Manager Craig Tapper said the car wash is a practical school based way for students to experience leadership in the community.

“We are working from the three perspectives of leadership; Individual, Group and Community. The students choose to give back to the Lions Cancer Institute because they could relate to young people ‘cooped’ up in hospital,” he said.

Mr Tapper says the initiative has been well supported by staff.

“There has been a race on to get the car wash bays, we have only been doing it for a few days and have managed to raise more money than we have washed cars- the latest tally is $150.”

“The whole leadership group has worked a roster, but many other students are also pitching in to help out,” he said.

Year Eight student Sophie Auld has enjoyed the initiative.

“I have missed a few snacks, but it is worth it because I am helping the community and people who are disadvantaged because of illness,” Miss Auld said.