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School Year begins for new Champion Bay Senior High School

The first lessons for Champion Bay Senior High School commenced last week.

On Monday morning, students gathered on the school’s new green for a first day assembly and school photo.

Principal Julie Campbell welcomed the students as the first group of champions to attend the school and urged them to continue to pursue excellence in their endeavors.

New staff and students were welcomed to the community. This was followed by a sand ceremony using coloured sands representing the new students from partner primary schools. .

Principal Julie Campbell said the ceremony was a great way to visibly show the creation of the new school.

“We started the ceremony last year with a layer of red sand covered by a layer of turquoise sand to symbolise the transition from the old to the new school. “

“On Monday, some of our new Year seven students from each of our partner primary schools added layers of sand in the colours of their primary schools.” Mrs Campbell said.

This year CBSHS will educate students from Years Seven to Ten. Each year, the school will add one year until the first class of Year Twelve students graduate in 2021.