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Sub school Leader
Jo Crothers
Teaching Staff
English Christine Surtees
Humanities and Social Science Alan Evans
Science Les Hansen, Jess Clarke
Math Chris Markham, Les Hansen
Student Leaders
 Cacha Westwood
Number of Students


Academic Pathways:
Year 7 (7C1) Pre- Extension Program: English, Maths, Science and Humanities.
Year 8 (8C1) Literacy and Numeracy Enrichment Group
We are a very proud Sub school which aims to foster team values and taking personal responsibility for our actions.  With our team focus, we encourage each and every student to play their part and we use this to harness the school value of belonging. We pride ourselves on our positivity in every part of the Sub school, from our home-base upstairs above Greenough, to our passionate staff and student cohort. As a team we are working on achieving positive outcomes socially, emotionally and academically for every Chapman student. Our successes as a Sub school include being the Swimming Carnival champs 2015/2016 and carnival champs 2015 and runners up in 2016.