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Careers week a dream at

Champion Bay

Senior High School

Students at CBSHS will be planning their future occupations as part of national Careers Week from 13 to 17 May.

As part of the school growth to include Years 10,11 and 12, the school has developed a Transitions and Pathways program to empower students to decide on a career pathway. That pathway could include further education, training or employment.

Program Coordinator Deb Kempton has planned a range of activities including a competition for students to match CBSHS teaching staff with their former careers.

“We want the students to see there are many options available to them and that a rewarding career can take many twists and turns.”

“Some of the Champion Bay staff have not always been teachers and bring a great deal of knowledge and experience to our school,” she said.

On Tuesday 14 May, the teaching staff will come to school dressed in an outfit that displays their ‘dream’ job.

“I think we will actually have quite a few people dressed as teachers, it is a dream job after all, but watch our Facebook page as there may be pictures of some interesting dream occupations like astronauts and artists,” Ms Kempton said.

The highlight of the week will involve Year Ten students attending the TAFE Open Day on Thursday the 16 May.