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Year 6 Transition

The purpose of the transition program is to introduce Year 6 students to Champion Bay Senior High School and the School structure. A secondary aim is to enable teachers from partner primary schools and Champion Bay Senior High School to collaborate on developing support networks to ensure all student needs are catered for during the change from primary school to Champion Bay Senior High School.

The program is designed for current Year 6 students who are intending to attend Champion Bay Senior High School to feel more at ease with their new school surroundings before starting Year 7 and to become familiar with the school ethos, teachers, school leaders and their peers.

During this transition program the students will meet with former students of their school, become familiar with the campus and our iPad program, visit and work within some of our options areas and meet our staff members.

This transition program will take place in two sessions;

Session 1

Our aim is to introduce the Year 6 students to our school structure, ethos, programs and incentives. This session will be run as a collective group for approximately one and a half hours.

Champion Bay Senior High School personnel in attendance:

  • Ten former students
  • Student Services Manager
  • Associate Principal
  • School Officer
  • A.I.E.O. or E.A,

The presentation will include:

  • Discussion of School structure and programs available at Champion Bay Senior High School; and
  • Group activity using Champion Bay Senior High School iPads.

Parents are encouraged to attend the concurrent session run by the Champion Bay Senior High School Administration Team.

Session 2

Whole day program taking place at Champion Bay Senior High School.

Parents are welcome to attend – a tour for prospective parents will be conducted during the morning.

  • Year 6 students picked up by a chartered bus at approximately 9.10 am from their primary school on the designated day. Pick up time will vary according to distance.
  • Students will need to bring their own lunch or order their lunch at the time allocated from our canteen.
  • Year 6 teachers will be responsible for undertaking attendance requirements for each school. (Please bring current roles in case of an emergency)

Upon arrival, students will be asked to:

  • Gather on the school green (grassed area adjacent to the administration building). A guide will be appointed to escort the group from the bus area to the venue.
  • Once gathered, the students will be broken into groups and allocated a guide who will be familiar to them from previous sessions. From this point, the students are able to order their lunches (if required) and then move to their allocated activity.
  • Students will be given a morning tea consisting of a muffin and juice box which CBSHS will supply
Activities (rotational)

Students will be participating in:

  • Cooking,
  • Physical Education,
  • Drama,
  • Library,
  • Music,
  • A tour of the campus; and
  • Aboriginal students will visit the Football Academy and Follow the Dream area.

Each group will be supervised by our staff during the activity and escorted by two CBSHS students through the campus.

This day will finish at approximately 2.30 pm allowing for transportation time back to the primary school.