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The Visual Arts

Visual Art can entertain, communicate and inspire us to think about the world we live in and our place in it.

The Arts learning area is staffed by specialist Arts-trained and enthusiastic, highly experienced teachers, each one bringing an authentic and distinctly different outlook and style. John Willcock has a vibrant Visual Arts program and offers students a wide range of opportunities to develop their skills.

We teach and learn in large, pleasant and purpose built Art areas.

The Visual Arts offers students the opportunity to develop skills in drawing, painting, printmaking and clay sculpture. The Arts course at John Willcock engages students in traditional and modern techniques. The course promotes innovative practice and students are encouraged to explore their ideas. We seamlessly integrate iPads into our Art activities on a daily basis, using them as a resource tool, an image finder, a camera and a recording device. In fact, the use of this technology is limited only by the imagination of its users.

  • In year 7 students experience a hands-on learning environment with an emphasis on developing basic skills and creative thinking. Students are introduced to the Elements and Principles of Art.
  • In year 8 all Arts students learn about, and explore Art Principles such as proportions of the human face, the figure, perspective, tone, colour, creating new images, mixing and applying paint and much more.
  • Year 9 students have a still greater range of activities including painting on canvas, clay work covers, relief tile, or a free standing “in the round” sculpture. Students are given the opportunity to use silkscreen and produce t-shirt designs and prints. These students are also given the opportunity to create graffiti stencil Art.

John Willcock College Arts staff are currently planning a vibrant visual arts program for year 10 through 12, including ATAR arts courses, in preparation for the College becoming a comprehensive secondary school in 2019.

The staff at John Willcock College are committed to providing all students with a meaningful and creative Arts education.