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Contemporary Music Extension Program

John Willcock College offers an exciting and unique opportunity for students to explore and extend their interest in contemporary music. The Music Program is a school based extension program.

Students accepted into the Contemporary Music Extension Program will:

  • Study extension music for 2 blocks a week in years 7-10 being immersed in performance, composition, analysis and musicianship (theory and aural skills);
  • Have the opportunity to go on to complete a nationally recognised qualification over Year 11 and 12- a Certificate II in Music- with a strong performance focus;
  • Have the opportunity to join one of our ensembles including the Rock Bands, Vocal Ensemble, Concert Band and small group projects;
  • Receive weekly instrumental music lessons with teachers who are also working industry musicians ***;
  • Be involved in regular performances in and outside of school and in the broader community;
  • Be invited on camps excursions and inter-state trips; and;
  • Access industry professionals on visiting incursions and excursions.

Application Pre-requisites:

  • Primary School IMSS instrumental lessons (for 1-2 years) or 1-2 years of private instrumental or vocal lessons;
  • Demonstrated commitment to learning and playing music alone and with others;
  • Demonstrated history of independent practice and self-discipline;
  • Availability to attend after school ensembles on a weekly basis and attend performances after hours; and
  • Applicants will complete an audition and interview as well as provide previous music and or school reports.

Instruments available for ongoing IMSS students are: Flute, clarinet, saxophone, trumpet, trombone, baritone and tuba.

Instruments available every year for beginner IMSS students are: Vocals, percussion and saxophone.

Other beginner instruments may be offered each year dependent on the allocation received from IMSS. In the past they have included flute, trombone and baritone. Bass guitar may also be available. Students are encouraged to apply no matter what their interest is.


*** Places in IMSS instrumental lessons are limited and beginner students who are ranked more highly as a result of the application process will be offered these places first. Students must be receiving IMSS music lessons or tuition on an instrument privately to be eligible for the program. Private lessons must be organized by the parent/ guardian at their own expense. IMSS music are provided free however parents are expected to provide an instrument, books and any other relevant equipment.

The Contemporary Music Extension program is aimed at Year 7 students beginning at JWC. However, students from transferring from other schools may apply for the program. Students who have learned an instrument with IMSS at another school should also apply to the program to have their place transferred to JWC.

Applications are due on Friday the 7th of September 2018 (Term 3, Week 8, Friday) while auditions and interviews will be scheduled throughout October.


For further information about the instrumental music program, please contact Alyce Brook on 9965 8300 or via e-mail alyce.brook@education.wa.edu.au or check out the School of Instrumental Music website