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English is a compulsory subject at John Willcock College. Students studying English at John Willcock College are assessed in Writing, Speaking and Listening, Reading and Viewing.

At John Willcock College, students have contact time with their English teacher for four hours a week. During this time, students are taught the content of the Australian Curriculum and their literacy is promoted in a variety of ways. Each student is to keep a journal (which is assessed each semester) in which they respond to a variety of texts: discussing both their purpose and the effect of conventions utilised to create the text. We also focus on visual symbolism, investigating how still images, film and symbols give meaning. Each week, English teachers focus on one area of literacy from the John Willcock Literacy Planner, e.g. antonyms.

Students facing difficulty in English at John Willcock College can utilise a number of services. We have a Reading teacher who offers small group assistance to low/reluctant readers. Students are also placed on an Individual Education Plan by their classroom teacher, scaffolding tasks to ensure progress in literacy skills. We also have streaming in which students are placed in lower or higher ability classes to ensure that maximum progress is made and the lessons being taught to students are of an achievable standard for them.